About US

Imminfo education agency service was established in 2002 on Gold Coast. We are now representing most number of universities and schools located in Queensland and other states of Australia, to recruit students from Asian regions, and have also set up a close business network in Asia, including Mainland China, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

The immigration service is conducted via our associated ILP – PR Legal. We embrace the Legislative and Regulatory changes to the Migration Act 1958 and provide the following services of high-quality:

Ü    Assessment of your eligibility for migration to Australia under the various possible visa categories;

Ü    Advice on technical or legal aspects in relation to your application;

Ü    Acting on your behalf in the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs in Australia ;

Ü    Advising and assisting with applications under Business Migration category;

Ü    Advising and assisting with General Skilled migration, overseas skilled student visa included;

Ü    Advising and assisting with applications for Family Migration and /or Change of Status in Australia ;

Ü    Advising and assisting with obtaining students visas;

Ü    All Citizenship related matters; and

Ü    Acting on your behalf for the following specialised tribunal servies: Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal, and in some instances before the Federal Court of Australia


How you can help IMMINFO:

Ü    Instruct us clearly

Ü    Make sure we ru brides have understood each other correctly

Ü    Make sure you have told us if you have any important time limits

Ü    Inform us if you have changed your address

Ü    Never hesitate to ask for our assistance

Ü    Free to talk to us if you are not satisfied with our service

Ü    Observe the terms of Client Agreement signed by you