Conveyancing Work

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property's title from the seller to the buyer. Queenslanders have the choice of employing a solicitor to handle the conveyance or doing the job themselves.                                                      
Experience shows that a high proportion of those people who set out to handle their own conveyancing strike problems in the process. They may end up seeking professional legal advice that can cost as much as, or more, than the original conveyancing charges they sought to avoid.
Using a licensed solicitor often saves time on paperwork such as title searches and stamp duty and can also provide peace of mind when you may be making the largest single financial transaction of your life.
Conveyancing incurs costs such as searches of the Titles office, certificates of rates, zoning, stamp duty and registration fees. Searches of zoning, and Titles will determine whether the property has any restrictions such as adverse planning, demolition orders, outstanding taxes linked to it, or encumbrances on Title such as easements.