Australian Education System

Australia is among a number of countries providing world-class education for both domestic and overseas students. It has a single national and comprehensive system of twelve qualifications, which are the basis of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Australian federal and state governments endorse AQF qualifications, so an AQF qualification is recognised throughout Australia and by other countries.


Basically, the education system in Australia includes:

·         7 years of primary school

·         5 years of secondary school

·         Vocational education-colleges, 1-2 years

·         Tertiary study: 3-4 years bachelor degree, 1-2 years master degree, 3-5 years PhD


In particular, the Australian qualifications are:

·         Senior Secondary Certificate of Education;

·         Certificate I;

·         Certificate II;

·         Certificate III;

·         Certificate IV;

·         Diploma;

·         Advanced Diploma;

·         Bachelor Degree;

·         Graduate Certificate;

·         Graduate Diploma;

·         Masters Degree; and

·         Doctoral Degree.


Overseas students are welcome to study in Australian universities, colleges, language institutes and schools. Please consult our professional staff for gratis assistance in your enrolment in an Australian institution.