Business Temp Visas- 457

Business (Long Stay) visa -subclass 457 Visa
This type of visa allows businessperson have a business entry up to four years for:
Please note that the Temporary Business Entry (Long Stay) visa – Independent Executive stream ceased on 1 March 2003. However, holders of this type of visa may apply within Australia for a further two-year temporary visa.
Currently, under this category, it is most to be seen that Sponsoring a temporary overseas employee to Australia. Visas are available under arrangements for:
Sponsorship by an Australian or overseas business – if your business is unable to meet its skill needs from within the Australian labour force, you may be able to sponsor personnel from overseas on a temporary basis, to work in Australia for up to four years.
Labor agreements – this is a formal agreement negotiated between the Australian Government, employers (including industry or employer associations) and other interested parties (for example, on-hire industry or professional associations).
Invest Australia Supported Skills agreements – this is designed to encourage international firms to choose Australia as a location for foreign direct investment.
Service sellers – this is for representatives of overseas suppliers of services negotiating, or entering into, agreements to supply their services in Australia.
Where the sponsorship is by an overseas business, the sponsorship, nomination and visa application must be lodged at the nearest Australian mission overseas.
Applying for a subclass 457 visa involves 3 steps:
Step 1: The employer must apply for approval as a business sponsor 
Step 2: The employer must nominate the position in the business to be filled 
Step 3: The visa applicant applies for a Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa